Bright Nickel Plating

Bright Nickel Plating
Product Details
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1. Advantages

Suitable for rack nickel-plating;

High-speed brightening with excellent leveling;

Spotlessly white and esthetic deposit with good ductility;

Even nickel layer results from excellent covering power and throwing power

This process is very easy to control with stable bath;

Wide working conditions of the brighteners, and high tolerance against impurities

 Very easy conversion from most bright nickel-plating system by direct addition;

Bath composition and working conditions

Bath composition & Technical Data

Usable Range



240 – 300





45 – 65





40 – 50




QRD – 8

0.8 – 1.2




QRD – 5 ( 2X )

10 – 12




QRD – 1

1 – 1.5




QRD –17 / QRD – 19

1 – 2





50 – 60

55 – 60  ℃


4.0 – 4.8


Current Density

2–10 (A/dm2)


(A/dm2 )


Air or mechanical agitation

Air agitation


Continuous & circulating

Continuous & circulating

3Make up the solution

1. In a separate tank 65% of the volume is filled up with tape water, and heating it up to 65-70 ℃ ; The calculated quantities of all salts are filled at stirring until completely dissolving; pH-value is corrected to 5.2 by feeding 4% NaOH or NiCO3.

2. 2.5 ml/l H2O2<diluted by water firstly> 、 2.5 g/l active carbon are added and stirred for several hours; After precipitation for a whole night, the solution is carefully filtered in the working tank.

3. After the calculated quantity of H3BO3 is added, pH-value is corrected to 4.0 by diluted H2SO4.

4. The solution should be continuously dummied at 0.1-0.5 A/dm2 with waved pseudo-cathode for above 12 hours, or until the deposit in LCD is changed from dark black to pale gray.

5. After the brighteners are fed, the solution is ready for using.


Working tank :

Rubber-lined steel-tanks or rubber-tanks can be used.

Circulating filtration:

The solution should be filtered at least 4 times within one hour, it is better that

filtrate-pump   is   added   with   0.6   g/l   active carbon after  each


5Functions and addition of the brighteners

softening agent QRD-5(2X): It’s responsible for reducing internal tensile stress and improving throwing power at LCD area.

Auxiliary QRD-1: Improving brightness additionally and performing a better leveling. it will also produce an more even nickel layer with more brightness in LCD area

Brightener QRD - 8: Only QRD-8 will necessarily be added in the course of plating, which results in an even nickel layer with excellent leveling. Carrier QRD-5(2X) is added occasionally to produce a better compliant layer; Addition of auxiliary QRD-1 will get a more perfect even layer.

QRD–8 Consumption : 220 – 280 ml / 1000 Ah

QRD-5(2X) 0-80 ml / 1000Ah

QRD-1:   0-50ml / 1000 Ah

QRD-19:10-30 ml/ 1000 Ah