Electroless Tin Plating

Electroless Tin Plating
Product Details
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Generate even silver deposit on the surface of copper or copper alloy.

The deposit has strong combining power, fine inoxidizability and good gloss. The deposit is up to the industrial standard of salt spray test (level 4 or higher). Easy to operate, low cost, good stability.

Bath Composition and Working Conditions

3.Operation Requirement

When the bath doesn’t be used for a while, before use again, stir the bath evenly. During the operation, let workpieces contact the bath directly.

When the normal temperature is lower, the time of deposition should be longer Accordingly

4.Dispose for minr failure

Yellowish deposit:

Reason analysis: The pH of bath is higher, the time of deposition isn’t correct.

Mist deposit on the surface:

Reason analysis: Incomplete neutralization, improper water, too much impurity in water.

Yellow points on the deposit:

Reason analysis: The time of deposition isn’t correct, uneven or incomplete activation.