Factory Direct Sales 99% Cobalt Acetate Tetrahydrate

Copper Acetate Cas NO.: 6046-93-1 HS NO.: 2915299011 GRADE: Industrial Grade Molecular formula: Cu(CH3COO)2·H2O Properties: Dark green monoclinic crystal, melting point 115 ℃, soluble in water and ethanol, slightly soluble in ether and glycerin. Application: Quick drying agent used in printing...

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Cobalt Acetate

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Cas NO.: 6147-53-1 GRADE:  Industrial Grade
HS NO.: 3815900000Molecular formula: Co(CH3COO)2·4H2O

Properties:Pink to red to violet crystals or powder soluble in water, become blue solution in ethanol, also soluble in dilute acid, isobutanol, amyl alcohol, ethyl acetate, pyridine and anhydrous hydrazine, when heated to 140℃, losing all the water of crystallization

ApplicationIt is mainly used in synthetic fiber industry essential catalyst.Used as a drier in the paint industry.Polyester oxide, ceramic pigment, Ceramic pigment, glaze ingredients, analytical reagent, curing agent, printing and dyeing mordant, glass cobalt catalysts.Also can be the hiding color ink.Used for aluminum surface treatment, etc

Packing: 25kg per bag.



                       Items                 Assay %
                       Co                 ≥ 23
                       Ni                 ≤ 0.5
                       Mn                 ≤ 0.01
                       Cu                 ≤ 0.02
                       Si                 ≤ 0.002
                       Al                  ≤ 0.02
                      Ca                 ≤ 0.002 
                      Mg                 ≤ 0.001
                      Fe                  ≤ 0.001


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