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Alkali degreasing agent such

Oct 28, 2016

Alkali detergent used is sodium hydroxide, soda ash, sodium silicate and sodium tripolyphosphate. Sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate alkali, cheapest price, waste water is difficult to treat, sometimes Basic is stronger cause damage in the cleaning object and hydroxide sodium and soda has no mineral oil emulsion for cleaning had no effect;

Sodium silicate and sodium tripolyphosphate to provide basic, can also provide a certain degree of emulsification, widely used in degreasing cleaning agent especially sensitive to alkali degreasing processes. Biggest defect is using sodium silicate oil without water after a first direct cold water wash is hard to wash the residue of sodium silicate full, residual sodium acid reacts with the next process attached firmly to the silica gel, thus affecting the coating's adhesion STPP concerns mainly phosphorus pollution damage to the environment.