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Chromium salt market

Oct 28, 2016

Has been, and will continue to be in a State of decline in developed countries, developing countries consumption will increase in the short term. Because of the toxic hexavalent chromium, chromium salts matrix product the production of sodium dichromate has many environmental and occupational health issues, its applications are limited. The end of 20th century, organic chromium in the pharmaceutical, health food and the rapid increase in the demand for feed additives, chromium salts important consumer area, global consumption of chromium salts smooth low-speed increases, future global demand for total chromium salts will be a gradual transition to a steady-state after a slight increase. China's rapid growth rate of the past few years the demand for chromium salts, but these increases are in part derived from industrial chromium salt consumption in developed countries (such as leather tanning, vitamin k, paint etc) transfers to developing countries.