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Effect evaluation of degreasing agent

Oct 28, 2016

Degreasing agent produced the amount of foam usually used to measure the ability of removing oil, but modern industrial and civil detergent low foaming cleaning agent is used more and more. Meet the requirements of low foaming cleaning agents have 2 ways: first, add defoamer in the cleaning agent; the second is low foam surfactant, such as polyether surfactants. However, cleaning agents containing defoaming agent, defoaming ability decreased with time. Xue Wanbo, [2] a large number of experiments, discover SOAP base, alkyl benzene sulfonate and flat plus an appropriate proportion of compound can be prepared by low foam, foam-breaking fast, washing effect of degreasing agent. Polyether nonionic surfactants L64, F68, as opposed to common-suppressing combination SOAP-ABS system, it also has better foam-breaking speed. Electro-plating, metal plating must be done before removing oil from the surface, use a degreasing agent if they produce too much foam, affect the production process.