Wax Filth Remover

Wax Filth Remover
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QRD-DCR Wax Filth Remover 

1. Advantages

Before electroplating, work pieces normally needs grinding or polishing and the paste and wax used on the work pieces during the grinding or polishing process are difficult to be removed, therefore QRD-DCR Wax Filth Remover is the pretreatment plating products designed to solve the above problem. QRD-DCR Wax Filth Remover is neutral active solution made up of various ionic and non-ionic surfactants. It has great wetting and penetration abilities and can have chemical reaction with polishing paste. During the chemical reaction, our product can quickly remove the wax and filth from the pits of work pieces and form emulsion in the degreaser, preventing the wax from aggregating on the surface of work pieces to avoid secondary contamination.

With great water solubility and wash ability, our product can replace organic solvents (e.g. gasoline and trichloroethylene) which are poisonous and flammable. Therefore, it can be widely used in various industries that require metal surface treatment, e.g. automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, decorative lightings, kitchen utensils, sanitary products, furniture, clocks and hardware.

2. Applications:

It is also applicable to wax removing of various metals, e.g. zinc alloy, copper and copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy, stainless steel with different structure, precious metals and steel. After wax removing process, work pieces are hydrophobic and have protective abilities. 

3Working Condition: 

Hot Dipping

Ultrasonic Hot Dipping


30~50 ml/L

10~30 ml/L





3~10 minutes

1~5 minutes


Proper agitation