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Additive For Metal Plating Its Composition And More

Aug 26, 2017

Additive For Metal Plating Its composition and more

First, the shelf life of electroplating additives

Electroplating additives are shelf-life, for the appropriate ratio, the production process reasonable gloss agent, most of the storage time can be very long, 2 to 3 years will not have any problems, but some luster due to the reasons for the use of raw materials or Composition is too complex, its storage period will be shortened, only about a year. Whether it is plating manufacturers or users of electroplating luster, will be very concerned about such a problem, therefore, need to have a certain method to judge the shelf life of the gloss agent. Because there is no suitable aging test method, the storage test of the glossy agent can only be verified by the natural storage time, the key is the method of sampling and the method of verification.

For the manufacturer, each batch of luster produced, must be sampled three times and bottled the date of the batch, stored up, once a year or six months to its dissolution test and Hall tank test to judge its eligibility or not The After the storage period, there is still no deterioration occurs, then the storage period of this glossy is reliable. Users can also be purchased for each purchase of the gloss agent sampling, and regular testing, found the problem to communicate with suppliers in time, if you can not continue to use, you have to stop using, and asked the supplier to send technical service personnel to correct or Replacement.

Second, save the plating additives method

Electroplating additives are mostly water-based, and its composition for the organic hydrate, so there is a certain period of time or due to changes in the environment and the possibility of decomposition or settlement. Thus, for organic plating additives, there is a shelf life, so that the preservation of the main work to save the main line. Usually have to note the following:

1, the production time and shelf life to confirm

Products in the storage, to confirm its production date and expiration date, for no identification or identification is not clear, to the relevant parties to query, confirmed before the storage. At the same time in the storage area by the validity period or time to make the logo, according to the principle of first-in first-out management, placed to facilitate access to the remaining time of the shorter additives to prevent the storage time is too long due to expiration or failure.

Electroplating electroplating process and an important role

Electroplating processing of this word can some people often hear, but the details of how plating is a process, it needs what information to process, professional electroplating plating is the use of electrolysis to make metal or alloy deposited in the workpiece appearance to form a uniform, fine , The connection force of the outstanding metal layer of the process called electroplating. Professional electroplating factory using electrolysis on the mechanical products accumulated with outstanding, but the function and the matrix material is not the same metal coating skills. The electroplated layer is evenly hot, usually thinner, ranging from several microns to tens of microns. After plating, can be made in the mechanical products embellishment protection and a variety of functional surface layer, but also to correct the wear and processing errors of the workpiece. Let us take a look at the professional electroplating process of electroplating process is how the process, 1) plating lax ability, can make the metal coating in the uneven surface of the uneven accumulation of talent, called the laxity of the plating capacity. In other words, the slack can refer to the ability of the solution to distribute the thickness of the plating solution evenly. 2) The cover of the plating can be: so that plating plating on the plating can be called to cover the ability, or called deep plating capacity, is used to clarify the plating solution to make the coating in the workpiece appearance of a good spread of the concept.