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Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives Oxidation Treatment

Aug 16, 2017

Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives Oxidation treatment

Aluminum alloy surface whitening solution and its surface treatment method

Aluminum is the industry's most widely used class of non-ferrous metal structural materials, in the aviation, automotive, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and chemical industry has a large number of yo collar. Aluminum alloy products for the anode placed in the electrolyte solution, the use of electrolysis, so that the surface of the process of forming alumina film, known as the aluminum alloy nutrition processing. After the anodized aluminum alloy products become aluminum alloy anode products, aluminum alloy surface by whitening solution white wash, after oxidation and oxidation, and then get the surface with a whitening effect of the appearance of aluminum alloy anode products. Because of its special surface appearance, the surface has a matte white effect of aluminum alloy anode products by a large number of customers and consumers of all ages, and has been widely used in electronics, communications products. However, the commercially available aluminum alloy surface whitening solution which can be applied to the anodic oxidation process is costly and the range of application products is greatly limited. Therefore, the use of aluminum alloy surface solution for surface treatment can reduce production costs.

Aluminum oxidation can improve corrosion resistance

The aluminum oxide treatment of the material, which can effectively improve the corrosion resistance to enhance the durability, aluminum oxide anodic oxide in the world wide range of applications for external and architectural applications, or some aluminum is exposed to Harsh environment. In the anodic oxidation, the surface effectively enhance the anti-stain or scratches the protective effect, while the application of furniture is also very wide, anti-fingerprint effect of its solid in the household appliances and other consumer products in the application of the growth trend.

At the same time in the synthesis of the application is also very wide, to enhance the surface of the glue on the sticky, in some of the contract to the next significant value, but also to the TV, solar panels and electronic equipment and other devices have a faster and smooth heat transfer effect Of the thermal emissivity. Nutritional Alumina is ahead of most other materials in terms of corrosion resistance, recyclability, adaptability, moldability and weight, unless special properties such as white appearance, magnetic surfaces, etc. are required.