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Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives Protection

Oct 30, 2017

Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives protection

Cleaning of aluminum surface for oxidation

Pretreatment of aluminum oxide

A degreasing aluminum surface treatment (skim) after water washing: should MIL - A - 8625 with two water washing, aluminum oxidation coloring the purpose is to wash the residual liquid product (or acid or alkali, if in addition to adding solvent emulsifier agent, cleaning is more important.) Or oil. Prevent the stability of the tank in the tank and prevent the product from oil pollution. It is not necessary to wash the water twice, depending on the workload.

B alkaline water wash: at least three times. Purpose is to wash out after alkali corrosion of aluminum thick alkali corrosion groove surface residual liquid membrane, due to the difficult to clean, suggestion was a sink water to decrease The Times of change and guarantee a certain temperature and basicity, which facilitates cleaning products. The latter two tanks have the condition, can increase the agitation effect is better. It is not necessary to wash the water twice, depending on the workload.

C chemical (electrolytic polishing after washing: have two water washing line, the aluminum oxidation coloring to wash out cast aluminum surface of the viscous liquid medicine, suggest that the first tank should guarantee a certain temperature to facilitate cleaning products. The second tank can be used to clean the circulation water. (after electrolysis, the removal process should be increased after washing twice)

D aluminum hardened treatment plant with water wash: at least twice. If the nitric acid in the neutralizing tank is brought into the oxidation tank, it can cause a film phenomenon that is not oxidized or is only a few microns. Or the other metal ions in the neutralizing tank can be brought into the oxidation tank, which can also result in the increase of the mixed mass of the oxidation tank, resulting in the bad oxidation, such as the anti-light intensity, the abrasion resistance and so on. Accelerate the aging of the oxidation tank. It is recommended that the two tanks should be cleaned with circulating water to protect the normal maintenance of the oxidation tank.

E. oil, alkali erosion, the addition of hot water cleaning effect is better. The type of surface treatment of aluminum alloy

1. Chemical oxidation

At a certain temperature, a thin oxide film is formed on the surface of aluminum parts by chemical reaction, which becomes the chemical oxidation method of aluminum. This method does not need to pass the current, the process is simpler than the electrochemical oxidation method, the cost is low. Generated oxide film is thin, generally film thickness is about 0.5 ~ 44 microns, soft membrane layer, the wear resistance is very low, so it cannot be used alone, the coating has good physical adsorption ability, is good bottom paint, chemical oxidation coating again after the protective layer, can greatly improve the protective ability of parts.