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Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives The Main Ingredient

Aug 26, 2017

Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives The main ingredient

Aluminum alloy why should the surface treatment commonly used surface treatment methods which

    The surface of the steel piece is blackened, and it is called blue. Black processing methods are commonly used in the traditional alkaline heating black and appear late at room temperature black two. But the blackening process at room temperature for the effect of low carbon steel is not very good, A3 steel with some better black. Alkaline black out, and once again black and twice the difference between black. Black liquor is the main component of sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrite. Blacking when the required temperature tolerance is large, about 135 degrees Celsius to 155 degrees Celsius can get a good surface, but the time required only some of the length of it. In practice, it should be noted that the workpiece before the black rust and degreasing quality, as well as black after the passive immersion oil. Black quality of the quality of these processes often change.

Metal "blue" liquid

    Using alkaline oxidation or acid oxidation; the metal surface to form a layer of oxide film to prevent the metal surface is corrosion, this process is called "blue."

    Black metal surface by "blue" after the formation of the oxide film, the outer layer is mainly iron oxide, the inner layer of ferrous oxide.

First, the basic oxidation method "blue" liquid

    1. Recipe: Sodium nitrate 50 to 100 grams Sodium hydroxide 600 to 700 grams Sodium nitrite 100 to 200 grams Water 1000 grams 2. Method: According to the formula, in the mixing conditions, in turn, the material added to them, dissolved, mixed evenly.

3. Description:

   (1) metal surface must be washed and dried before the "basket" to deal with.

   (2) metal device for "blue" treatment conditions and the carbon content of the metal, "blue" liquid temperature and metal devices in which the processing time can refer to the table below. Amount of carbon in metal% Operating temperature (° C) Treatment time (minutes) Beginning & gt; 0.7135-13714310-300.5-0.7135-14015030-50 <0.4142-145153-15540-60 Alloy steel 142-145153-15560-90

   (3) Analyze the contents of sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite and sodium hydroxide in the solution every other week, so that the relevant ingredients can be replenished in time. After the general use of six months after the replacement of all the solution.

   (4) metal "blue" treatment, it is best to rinse with hot soap for several minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Then, rinse with hot water.