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Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives The Surface Of The Material Is Subjected To Some Sort Of Treatment

Jun 15, 2017

Aluminum Surface Treatment Additives The surface of the material is subjected to some sort of treatment

The surface treatment agent refers to a reagent used in the treatment of a surface of a material to achieve a specific purpose, including a metal surface treatment agent, a polytetrafluoroethylene surface treatment agent, and a silica surface treatment agent.

Metal surface treatment agent refers to the metal surface of a variety of chemical treatment of the general term. Metal surface treatment includes degreasing, rust, phosphating, rust and other matrix pre-treatment, is the metal coating technology, metal protection technology to prepare, the matrix pre-treatment quality of the subsequent coating preparation and the use of metal is very Big influence.

Teflon surface treatment agent: In order to improve the adhesion properties of PTFE, to expand the scope of application of polytetrafluoroethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene surface treatment agent treated with polytetrafluoroethylene surface is hydrophilic, can be used in general Glue glue polytetrafluoroethylene.

Silicone rubber treatment agent is specially used for silicone rubber adhesive double-sided adhesive treatment agent. It will be coated with high temperature silicone rubber film, and then paste the double-sided adhesive, you can make double-sided adhesive tightly attached to the silicone rubber film. Its widely used in silicone rubber Ottomans, silicone rubber jewelry, such as double-sided adhesive, trademarks, labels, etc. posted on the silicone rubber.

Mainly include cleaning agents, rust inhibitors, phosphating liquid three categories. Metal surface treatment technology sub-mechanical processing (such as sandblasting, polishing, high pressure water rinse, etc.) and chemical treatment of two categories. As for the coating, electroplating and other technologies have been independently developed into a metal anti-corrosion technology, the chemical used in the chemical is usually not included in the metal surface treatment agent referred to in the context.


Metal and its products in the processing process often in the surface contamination of various dirt and impurities. Cleaning is an extremely important part of metal surface treatment. The main cleaning agents for oil degreasing are petroleum-based cleaning agents, chlorinated hydrocarbon cleaning agents, alkaline cleaning agents and cleaning agents containing surfactants.

Oil cleaning agent

Mainly solvent gasoline, kerosene or light diesel oil. Its principle of action is mainly to use its metal surface grease dissolved. Because of this type of solvent penetration, good degreasing, it is generally used for rough cleaning to remove a lot of grease and dirt. But in actual use, often add some kind of synthetic surfactant, it has the ability to clean water-soluble dirt, and sometimes also add a small amount of anti-rust agent, so that after cleaning the surface with a short time anti-rust ability. This type of oil-based cleaning agents, especially gasoline, due to flammable, must be used when the full fire safety measures.