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China's Silicon Prices Slip To $1,800-$1,830/mt FOB

Sep 30, 2017

S&P Global Platts lowered the Chinese spot export price for 553-grade 98.5% silicon metal assessment further this week to $1,850-$1,890/mt FOB China basis Thursday, from $1,850-$1,890/mt last week. 

No trades were reported Thursday. Firm spot offers and bids were lacking ahead of next week's extended China National Day holidays which run from Sunday to Sunday. 

Indicative offers from China were heard at mostly $1,830-$1,850/mt FOB basis, down from $1,900-$1,995/mt FOB last week. Buy ideas were indicated at around $1,800/mt FOB, with nothing heard below that level currently, several market participants said. 

"Customer stockpiles are high and holidays are upcoming, so they are not buying for now," a Zhejiang producer said. 

A Xiamen producer agreed, adding: "There's no point lowering offers too much. The more you lower the less likely they will buy...so it's better to wait until after the holidays to get clearer direction first." 

Meanwhile, Japan's spot import silicon price was assessed at $1,820-$1,850/mt CIF Japan Thursday, down from $1,860-$1,880/mt CIF a week ago. 

No buying interest was heard from Japan this week.