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Metal Cleaner Automatic Fast Degreasing

Oct 10, 2017

Metal Cleaner Automatic fast degreasing

Metal cleaning agent and the removal of the object

1, super absorbent capacity: to quickly remove a variety of automotive lubricants, edible oil, animal oil and vegetable oil degreasing.

2, super automatic degreasing capacity: no heating mixing conditions, such as automatic fast degreasing degreasing. 3, super infiltration Emulsification capacity: no heating and stirring conditions, such as the rapid penetration into any corner, emulsification, so that grease nowhere to hide.

4, it is acid, alkali and hard water, neutral detergent, do not hurt the hand. Countless high-rise buildings are springing up in the city, the valuable industrial heritage has been eager to level up, industrial heritage in the "open" and "protection" of the plight. Witnesses whether the city industrial memory of the old factory where to go? What is the protection of industrial heritage and the road there?

By the reinforced concrete industry heritage submerged

In our country, the smaller the traditional age, the faster the disappearance of the speed. Compared to the modern industrial heritage and ancient cultural relics, the demolition is almost every day. As a large number of industrial heritage is not included in the protection of cultural relics, they are constantly threatening with the destruction of the country. "

Through the "clean" of the "culprit" of the industrial heritage, is the "spectacular" wave of real estate development vanguard. In the 1990s, "the cradle of the new Chinese film" - most of the factory rebuilt in Changchun Film Studio for commercial housing, the original building demolition of a large number of sites is now the only core northwest region, while the "white small building" , The total construction area from more than 60,000 square meters reduced to 60,000 square meters.

While in Shenyang, although many times by the cultural relics department to stop, the Northeast was once the largest textile enterprises, most of the Shenyang Fengtian cotton factory is still being demolished, the real estate office site has been destroyed, lost a snapshot of the historical value of the textile industry.

"At present, many industrial heritage in China can be understood as a victim of urban construction." Northeast Normal University professor Ding 4 bartender said the School of Geography, many people think that the old factory, old equipment should have to withdraw from the stage of history, "come early." Some industries Residents of the heritage area to relocate can improve their living environment. "Seems to be a people-oriented." Ding 4 very helpless.

Chinese Archaeological Fugue members are even more worrying. He believes that with the accelerated process of urbanization, there will be more to complete the mission of industrial facilities remains, the exit is mainly "demolition" word, rather than protection. "The result of the failure of the cultural heritage is the irreversible loss of the urban texture and the personality traits." Environmental-based water-based metal cleaning agents are the main components of surfactants, emulsifiers, in addition to agents such as surfactants, nonpolar oils (Vegetable) hydrocarbon chain groups and polar hydrophilic (oleophobic) gene composition, can significantly shorten the surface tension of solvent and liquid interfacial tension, change the interface state system, through absorption, wetting, emulsification, dispersion, Solubilization, such as performance, and its cleaning and interaction to achieve.