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Metal Cleaner Energy Efficient

Aug 26, 2017

Metal Cleaner Energy efficient

Current status and trends of metal cleaning agents

With the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry, new materials, new technology, new equipment on the cleaning technology and cleaning agent performance, cleaning effect requirements are getting higher and higher, especially the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction policies, cleaning technology With energy efficient, green environmental development. The cleaning agent used is also doing continuous improvement, cleaning mechanism has been a new discovery and application. The amount of cleaning agent information is also growing. The formation of the annual consumption of hundreds of thousands of tons of market size. As the cleaning of the opposite, cleaning dirt, cleaning process cleaning requirements of the particularity, determines the metal cleaning agent is different from other chemical cleaning agents and soft surface cleaning.

   Faced with increasingly strong regulatory pressure, the use of traditional solvents and strong bases has been reduced. Accordingly, the use of water-based or non-volatile solvent cleaners and degreasers is increasing. From the cleaning effect, water-based metal cleaning agent technology is near maturity. However, from the current efforts to reduce the environmental impact of this global trend, the use of environmentally friendly products is very urgent thing.

General water-based metal cleaning agent development direction is safe operation, long life, less emissions, low temperature cleaning, low energy consumption, the effect is good.

   In the past few years, the cleaning effect of the special metal cleaning agent has been remarkably improved due to the approaching nature of the low-level brushing. However, the cleaning effect of these special type cleaning agents still does not reach the level of solvent, so some users simply give up the cleaning step. The increasingly stringent environmental regulations for cleaning agents for toxic substances, so further improving the cleaning effect of the special metal cleaning agents is an urgent task in front of researchers, manufacturers and suppliers. More friendly to the environment is the task faced by special-purpose metal cleaning agents. In the field of special metal cleaning agents, water-based products with low volatility and high flame retardant properties, demand is expected to increase, semi-water-based products due to the price of water-based products for high prices, the recent demand will not grow. Method of operation of metal cleaning agent

1. Immersion method will deal with the metal parts, immersed in oil degreasing solution 3-15MIN, depending on the work of the situation may be. Some of the more economical, if the temperature at 30 degrees, or stirring shock, the effect is better. After treatment, rinse with water.

2. Spray method with oil degreasing liquid from top to bottom low pressure sandblasting, water decomposition decomposition of oxides, the workpiece can be used after dry.

3. Brush with oil degreasing agent directly brush on the workpiece, with water washed clean, dry and so on, if the

30 degrees below, or stirring oscillation, the effect will be better.