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Metal Cleaner It Has Anti-rust Function

Oct 30, 2017

Metal Cleaner It has anti-rust function

Metal cleaning agent, you must have heard of it! Metal cleaning agent is a kind of assistant to metal surface treatment, which has been used more than ten times in recent years. Along with the continuous development of our industry, the constant reform of production is also constantly evolving and sharing with the industry. Such products can only be reflected in the value of the industry, to strengthen its own technology, give customers the best quality service, to help every customer solve their problems, this is has been adhering to the faith. Small make up here tell you, how to choose cleaner ~

Choose water-based detergent or solvent cleaning agent, if you want to use ultrasonic cleaning machine, is to choose type water-based cleaning agent, if you want to solvent evaporation is fast, but also a period of time after cleaning with antirust function to choose solvent cleaner. Because of the low cost of water-based cleaning agent, and can be diluted with water, it is generally used to clean the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Before cleaning agent, it is necessary to consider the actual production process and use cost and other factors before making the choice. If the equipment is not too high for foam and maintenance, you can use the water-based metal cleaning agent. If there is no professional equipment, then use low-foaming solvent cleaning agent to spray and scrub. Can effectively clean the surface oil, stamping oil, wire drawing oil, forging oil cleaning, degreasing, remove dirt force is strong, good effect, the workpiece substrate non-corrosive, does not change color after cleaning, oxidation, avirulent environmental protection and economy, the product in accordance with the eu ROHS standards, has passed the SGS environmental protection test, is a good product companies to confirm. Mainly for aluminum, aluminum alloy, steel, stainless steel, steel, copper alloy, galvanized iron, zinc alloy, plastic, glass and other materials cleaning.


1, make water temperature recommendation: it is recommended to use the above 30 ℃ warm water liquid preparation work to 55-65 ℃

2. Use concentration recommendation: for light pollution, the water is made from 3 to 5% of the working fluid. For heavy oil pollution, the use concentration is 10% to 15%;

3. Use temperature recommendation: for oil pollution or oil pollution in light medium oil or steel work, it is recommended to be used at room temperature. For heavy oil or stainless steel workpiece oil 50 ℃ - 55 ℃ use;

4. Slot ratio: sh-833 cleaning agent 8-12%;

5. Cleaning time: 4-6min.

6. Cleaning method: use stainless steel tank to make containers, clean, and mix well in proportion. The effect of ultrasonic cleaning is better.