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Metal Cleaner Market Size

Jul 14, 2017

Metal Cleaner Market size

At present, many manufacturers of copper products are generally used or "triacid" or polyacid process for pickling and polishing, but its operating environment, large smoke, waste gas, waste water pollution, by the national environmental protection attaches great importance to the strong ban on manufacturing manufacturers We continue to use the "three acid" or more acid technology, many manufacturers are worried about this problem. So, there is no market to replace the traditional pickled copper chemical polishing solution? The answer is beyond doubt. Industry Status

The impact of the traditional thinking and the lack of technical resources and the lack of cleaning and other factors, the majority of enterprises and individuals on the impact of metal equipment scaling and removal process still remain in the machinery, high pressure water, chemical pickling and other traditional "destructive" process And the concept; and simply that the metal cleaning only in the case of serious impact on the production will be considered, it does not know the scale of the production continue to affect the energy consumption, devour the profits of the enterprise. Moreover, in order to reduce the cost of cleaning, choose the equipment damage and corrosion of the cleaning method, resulting in many metal equipment leakage and even scrapped and production stagnation, paid a few hundred times higher than the cleaning agent or even thousands of times the cost The

Metal degreasing cleaning agent

Metal degreasing cleaning agent is a kind of metal cleaning agent.

China's metal degreasing cleaning agent market grew rapidly, to 2009 sales of metal degreasing agent reached 506,700 tons, sales reached 5.275 billion yuan. Water cleaning agent is still a key varieties of metal degreasing cleaning agent, accounting for 37% of sales of cleaning agents, followed by chlorine cleaning agent and hydrocarbon cleaning agent. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent sales growth rapidly, there is a gradual replacement of chlorine trend.

China's metal cleaning agent consumption reached 347,100 tons in 2007, sales reached 3.101 billion yuan, by 2009, metal degreasing cleaning agent sales and sales showed a substantial increase in sales reached 506,700 tons, sales reached 5.275 billion yuan, due to The impact of the financial crisis, slightly lower than in 2008.

Based on the statistical data of metal degreasing agent in 2009, the sales and sales of metal degreasing agent were the largest cleaning agent. The sales volume of water cleaning agent reached 189,000 tons in 2009, accounting for the total sales volume of metal degreasing agent Of the 37% of sales of water-based cleaning agent reached 2.51 billion yuan, accounting for 47% of total sales of metal degreasing cleaning agent; 2009 sales of chlorine-based metal degreasing agent reached 93,000 tons, accounting for 18% of metal skim cleaning agent sales, Chlorine-based metal degreasing cleaning agent sales reached 500 million yuan, accounting for 10% of sales of metal degreasing cleaning agent; hydrocarbon metal degreasing cleaning agent sales reached 66,000 tons, accounting for 13% of metal degreasing sales, Compound metal degreasing cleaning agent sales reached 530 million yuan, accounting for metal degreasing detergent sales of 10%. Solvent type

Solvent-based metal cleaning agent refers to the organic solvent, common with alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, white oil, trichlorethylene and so on the traditional oily cleaning agent. Including a wide range of hydrocarbon cleaning agents also belong to such cleaning agents. Cleaning effect is good, but the water-based dirty can not be cleaned, such as fingerprints and so on. Water-based dirt must be water-based or semi-water-based cleaning agent to clean.