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Metal Cleaner Quickly Remove

Oct 19, 2017

Metal Cleaner Quickly remove

Metal cleaning agent quickly cleared

Removal of metal cleaning agents and objects

1, superabsorbent capacity: the rapid removal of a variety of automotive lubricants, edible oil, animal oil and vegetable oil degreasing.

2, super automatic degreasing capacity: no heating mixing conditions, such as automatic quick degreasing degreasing. 3, super infiltration Emulsification capacity: no heating and stirring conditions, such as rapid penetration to any corner, emulsification, so that fat nowhere to hide.

4, it is acid, alkali and hard water, neutral detergent, do not hurt the hand. Talking about the application and characteristics of industrial cleaners

1, can reduce the dry, wet tube bristles cleaning and dust hazards of labor intensity.

2, can prevent the phenomenon of pipeline clogging process to prevent the normal operation of the pipeline, if the time is not long, agglomeration is not difficult, can also be made with high pressure gun.

3, the use of high-pressure water cleaning evaporator, will not damage the wall, after washing, in the pipe wall, you can restore the original completion, slow down the second scale speed, extend the life of the evaporator.

4, high pressure water, simple operation, easy to use and flexible. According to the size of the device at any time washing, for the internal Φ507 meters long pipe, each time only three minutes to complete the cleaning. Danger of equipment dirt needs to be treated with metal cleaner

1. Increase the incidence of fires and the accumulation of dirt cleaning equipment will affect the equipment cooling, cleaning agents, especially high-power equipment, and in the summer, the indoor temperature is higher. Detergents are sometimes heated to some extent to cause the nature of the soil, knowing that the cost of cleaning equipment used is much higher than the post-treated fire, so we must pay attention.

2. Normal operation of the impact, increase power consumption. It is well known that the operation of all equipment requires power, cleaning agents and new equipment often less power consumption, the old equipment often power consumption is very large, it is because the old equipment has a lot of important reasons for cleaning dirt, cleaning agent can reduce the interface lubrication, The running resistance makes the following useful work, the detergent will increase the power consumption, the most useful way is to use industrial cleaning agent cleaning.

3. The health of the body, the workers in the factory are often turbid air, the mixture of various gases, the density of the cleaning agents and the internal staff is too large, the dust of some of the plants in the environment is mainly caused by industrial waste they belong to the equipment The dirt, the detergent, if the dirt is not cleaned in time, then the dust will once again be released on the equipment again in the air to run, resulting in repeated pollution of the repeated vicious circle.