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Metal Cleaner Remove The Dirt Thoroughly

Jul 03, 2017

Metal Cleaner Remove the dirt thoroughly

Metal cleaning agent in the market is very common in the use of the selection process because of its effect is difficult to choose, to tell you about the technical requirements of metal cleaning agent:

First, clean the dirt quickly, the fouling thoroughly. The cleaning agent itself has a strong reaction to the dirt, disperse or dissolve the scavenging ability, in a limited duration, can be more thoroughly remove the dirt.

Second, the damage to the object of cleaning should be within the limits of the production license, the metal may cause corrosion of the corresponding suppression measures.

Third, the cleaning agent used cheap and easy to get, and based on the localization; cleaning costs are low, does not cause excessive consumption of resources.

Fourth, the cleaning conditions are mild, as far as possible not dependent on additional reinforcement conditions, such as temperature, pressure, mechanical energy, etc. do not need too high requirements.

Fifth, the cleaning agent on the biological and environmental non-toxic or low toxicity, the generated waste gas, waste and waste residue, should be able to be processed to meet the requirements of national laws and regulations.

Sixth. Cleaning agents can not be flammable, explosive, or have a potential safety threat to the products or equipment required for cleaning.

Seventh. Cleaning process is not cleaning the surface of the object residue, no new cracks, do not form a new detrimental to the follow-up process, does not affect the quality of the product.

In the current industrial cleaning agent market, environmental protection metal cleaning agent because of environmentally friendly and can replace gasoline, kerosene, quickly seize the market, many manufacturers began to transform production of environmental cleaning agents. Environmental protection metal cleaning agent as a solvent for cleaning metal parts and components, almost every mechanical factory will use this cleaning agent for equipment maintenance, but because of inadvertent use of cleaning results did not achieve the desired state, a waste of cleaning Agent, an increase in cleaning costs. So, what is the correct way to use metal cleaning agents?

First, the metal cleaning agent can be directly used to clean the liquid?

Different cleaning agents are used in different ways, must be used in accordance with product instructions or manufacturers to provide MSDS. In general, metal cleaning agent is divided into two types of water-based and solvent-based. Solvent-based cleaning agents are usually composed of hydrocarbon solvents, can not be diluted with water. The water-based cleaning agent is a certain bubble, if not with a certain proportion of water dilution and direct use, it will produce too much foam. In addition, the water-based cleaning agent concentration is relatively high, if used directly, will give a very "oil" feeling, the equipment, parts are not good.

Second, cleaning agents need to clean at room temperature?

Solvent-based cleaning agent is mainly composed of hydrocarbon solvent substances, with a flash point, can not be heated and cleaned, so usually only at room temperature cleaning. The water-based cleaning agent can be used with ultrasonic cleaning agent for heating and cleaning, in general, water-based cleaning agent at 55 ° C when the best cleaning effect.

Third, a simple scrub on the line?

Many people think that cleaning agents directly spray scrub on the line, in fact, there are many ways to use metal cleaning agents, cleaning according to the actual situation to make judgments. For example, for the surface dirt thick, carbon and other parts of the first appropriate scraping, rub, and then placed in the cleaning tank soak for some time before the heating and cleaning, to ensure the removal of stubborn grease. Cleaning should first clean the precision parts, and then clean the ordinary equipment parts, to ensure that precision parts from damage, can work properly. When cleaning the pipe, apply a pressure gun or other jetting tool to perform a pressure flush. Wait a while and then use a cleaning agent to clean