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Metal Degreasing Agent Highly Efficient Liquid Degreasing Agent

Jun 15, 2017

Metal Degreasing Agent Highly efficient liquid degreasing agent

Metal degreasing is one of the basic processes of coating pretreatment, which uses high-performance liquid degreasing agent on the grease and dirt saponification, wetting, emulsifying, infiltration, rolling, dispersion and solubilization of the workpiece surface grease , Dust and sediment, metal powder, hand sweat and its work in the process of adhesion of oily dirt efficient removal from the complete.

In the pre-coating and even the entire coating process using high-performance metal degreasing agent degreasing role in:

Effect of Phosphating Quality Editors

The phosphating process depends entirely on the good contact between the phosphating bath and the surface of the workpiece, and to ensure that this is done, it is necessary to use a high-performance liquid degreasing agent before the phosphating or phosphating the various oils, Dirt, rust, oxide and other foreign matter efficient and complete removal. If the surface of the workpiece is completely removed from the surface of foreign matter, these foreign matter will play a role in the phosphating mechanical barrier to delay the film formation rate, affecting the phosphating crystal and the workpiece surface combination, or even completely hinder the phosphating bath and the workpiece Surface contact, resulting in the formation of phosphating film.

If the degreasing is not complete, although the phosphate film is formed, the phosphating film is not uniform. Although some of the dirt is covered by phosphate film, but the phosphate film and the workpiece surface adhesion is poor, easily lead to film blistering, shedding.

Product use:

1, mechanical mixing degreasing,

2, wipe degreasing,

3, soaking degreasing,

4, spray degreasing,

5, ultrasonic degreasing,

6, electrolytic degreasing,

7, steam defatting and so on.

Concentration assay:

Take the working fluid 10ml, with phenolphthalein as indicator, with 0.1N H2SO4 solution titration, so that the measurement solution from red to colorless consumption of 0.1N H2SO4 standard solution ml is the working solution of the free alkalinity (point) The

Concentration management method (in 1 ton tank):

A. The use of degreasing agent, the concentration as far as possible to maintain the reference point range, each additional 3kg of degreasing agent can increase the alkalinity of 1 degree.

B. When the working fluid is used for too long or if the oil content exceeds 1%, the degreasing capacity will be reduced and the addition degreasing agent will be invalid. At this time, it should be discarded and updated. The time of renewal is usually determined by the state of the workpiece being processed and how much oil , Usually updated for 12 months.

A formulation for the preparation of water-based metal degreasing agents for the electroplating of eyeglass frames: sodium silicate 16.0%, ethylene glycol monomethyl ether 4.0%, 6501 18.0%, OP-10 6.0%, dodecyl sulphonate 12.0 %, 5.0% benzoate, defoamer 0.5% water 39.0%. Production process: the composite surfactant OP-10,6501, sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate by mixing the formula, at room temperature and stir the same time and heated to 65 degrees, after cooling to get solution I, stand-by; Sodium silicate and sodium benzoate were added to the water according to the formula and the mixture was thoroughly stirred at room temperature to obtain clear solution II; the solution II was added to solution I and the mixture was stirred and heated to 80 ° C, cooled to room temperature, The methyl ether is stirred evenly.