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Metal Degreasing Agent Line Protection

Aug 16, 2017

Metal Degreasing Agent Line protection

Metal brass, copper is the electrical and other industries commonly used in the process, the processing process will generally have cutting fluid, anti-rust oil for processing protection or cutting, processing is completed, the need for cleaning and degreasing these.

       Large, large pieces of material cleaning, we recommend customers with water-based cleaning agent, one water-based cleaning agent can be fully contact with the surface of the material, but also with the ultrasound equipment and other equipment to clean and improve cleaning efficiency. At the same time, water-based cleaning agent can be used for water, significantly reduce the cost of production enterprises. Recommend the use of SP-103 metal cleaning agent, which can effectively remove the copper surface of the oil, cutting fluid, etc., while the copper material will not have any corrosion. After the oil is finished, rinse with water to dry. Follow-up, copper material can be phosphating and other anti-rust treatment. This is a way of cleaning. Such as large copper plate, wire cleaning.

Small pieces, or need to quickly clean the copper material, we can use the vast SP-403 metal cleaning agent, which is a solvent-based metal cleaning agent. Compared with the SP-103 metal cleaning agent, this cleaning agent has the advantage of rapid degreasing and greater degreasing capacity, especially for precision electronic equipment degreasing degreasing. At the same time SP-403 to abandon the shortcomings of the traditional solvent cleaning agent, is not a burst of security products, environmental protection through the ROSH certification, very suitable for the use of electronic manufacturers.

If the degreasing of the degreasing process in the galvanized before this is a better solution, Xiao Bian recommend the vast Sp-103 degreasing agent, the benefits of this cleaning agent is able to degrease at the same time do not hurt the metal, the use of easier. Ratio of ten times - about twenty times the water, according to the degree of oil can be properly adjusted, soaked or ultrasonic cleaning can be.

Often troublesome is the second process of processing or processing galvanized industry, such as metal surface part of the galvanized, or galvanized steel was stretched or stamping, and then degreasing, such processes using water-based cleaning agent Relatively inappropriate, mainly due to uneven galvanized surface or galvanized sheet after processing the galvanized layer, then the water-based degreasing agent is likely to cause the surface of the exposed part of the rust, black. Recently there is a very standard case, the customer after the galvanized sheet stamping and then degreasing, the use of water-based cleaning agent after the stamping part of the black, in fact, because after the stamping, galvanized surface fracture, the inner layer of pure iron contact with water Rusty. In this case, you want to use water-based cleaning agent, it can be said that the market has been useless to meet your water-based cleaning agent. Why, because ah, if you do not add anti-rust ingredients, pure iron must rust, and if added anti-rust ingredients, galvanized surface must receive damage, which is determined by the chemical principle. So, really can not solve this problem?