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Metal Degreasing Agent Selection Principle

Jul 14, 2017

Metal Degreasing Agent Selection principle

Selection principle of metal degreasing agent

1, degreasing effect: see the use of metal parts after cleaning agent can achieve the desired cleaning effect, which is the choice of metal degreasing agent of the first element

2, cleaning process: the current cleaning process on the choice of metal degreasing agent has a great impact on the replacement of the cleaning process will involve the replacement of equipment, the cost will be relatively increased.

3, corrosive: metal degreasing agent in addition to rapid degreasing, but also need to consider its corrosion of the workpiece. Different metal corrosion resistance is not the same, the general acidic cleaning agent on the metal corrosive relatively large.

4, safety: solvent metal degreasing agent there is the risk of flammable and explosive, you need to choose a high flash point or no flash point of the solvent degreasing agent.

5, environmental protection: environmental protection mainly to consider the impact on the environment and no harm to people. For solvent-based metal degreasing agents, it is necessary to consider its impact on the atmosphere, for example, trichlorethylene is destroyed by the ozone layer is replaced, water-based metal degreasing agent is to consider its cost of sewage. Environmental protection is mainly to choose a green test report of the cleaning agent and the human body without damage to the cleaning agent.

6, cleaning efficiency: metal degreasing agent to choose the appropriate cleaning efficiency, the general cleaning process is rough wash - fine wash - rinse - dry, need to ensure the cleaning effect at the same time, improve cleaning efficiency. Metal degreasing agent is the metal processing process essential fine chemicals.

Metal degreasing agent according to the different nature of cleaning agents can be divided into organic solvent metal degreasing agent, water-based metal degreasing agent.

Metal degreasing agent according to the different PH value can be divided into alkaline metal degreasing agent, neutral metal degreasing agent and acidic metal degreasing agent.

Metal degreasing agent according to the different metal materials can be divided into stainless steel degreasing agent, copper degreasing agent, aluminum degreasing agent, magnesium alloy degreasing agent, carbon steel degreasing agent, zinc alloy degreasing agent, galvanized degreasing agent. Metal cleaning agent is used for cleaning stainless steel (200 series, 300 series, etc.), aluminum products (aluminum, aluminum alloy, die-casting aluminum), copper products (brass, copper, bronze, foreign copper), zinc alloy, , Carbon steel, titanium and other materials on the surface of the metal processing oil, processing fluid, polishing wax, oxide and so on. In the clean at the same time, should also ensure that the material without corrosion, stable performance.

Different customers of different materials, cleaning process is different, cleaning requirements are not the same, so the need for different customer needs to customize the appropriate [cleaning program] and [metal cleaning agent]. Metal cleaning agent according to the nature of solvent-based metal cleaning agent and water-based metal cleaning agent.

Solvent-based metal cleaning agent refers to the insoluble in water (can not be watered) cleaning agent. Water-based metal cleaning agent is soluble in water, can be diluted with the use of metal cleaning agent.

Metal cleaning agent according to the acid into acid cleaning agent, neutral cleaning agent and alkaline cleaning agent.