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Synthesis Of Tert-butyl Hydrochloride Method

Oct 28, 2016

Preparation of tert-butyl hydrochloride method reported in the literature are the following. Ammonia reacts with tert-butyl ammonium chloride. The reaction equation: NH2-Cl+H2N-C4H9-t → H2N-NH-C4H9-t · Diphenyl diazomethane HCl react with Grignard reagents, intermediates obtained further acid hydrolysis. The reaction equation: (C6H5) 2C=N2[t-C4H9MgCl] → (C6H5) 2=N-NH-C4H9-t[HCl] → (C6H5) 2C=O+H2N-NH-C4H9-t · Under the action of HCl in the acid, hydrazine hydrate by the direct reaction of tert-butyl alcohol. The reaction equation: NH2NH2 · HCl+(CH3)3COH[HCl]→(CH3)3CNHNH2· HCl+2H2O production generally uses the third method, the specific processes for: inclusion in enamel reactor and suitable amount of hydrochloric acid with hydrazine, warming up to 80~90℃, then drops of jiashuding alcohol. Added after the 100~105℃ reflux reaction 3h, dehydration, cold to 80 ℃, crystallization, filtration, drying the product.