Copper And Copper Alloy Polishing Agent

Copper And Copper Alloy Polishing Agent
Product Details
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With good polished consequence and brightness;

Easy operation, low-cost, strong stability; 

Suitable for copper and copper alloy polished.

二. Bath Composition and Working Conditions

三. Solution Preparation:

1、Clean the tank completely and pour one third of water into it. 

2、Stirring slowly while adding sulfuric acid, stir it evenly.

3、Add QRD-CU100 polishing solution and stir it evenly.

4、Add water to the water level. and stir it evenly.

四. Process Flow :

Degreasing →Running water to wash→ Pre pickling→ Running water to wash →QRD-CU100 chemical

polishing →Running water to wash→ Passivation or sealing → dry

五. Bath Maintenance and Supplement

1. The thickness of the copper plating layer should not be less than 6µm.

2. The temperature should be less than 45˚C

3. Due to the dissolve of copper impurity during the process, the solution color will get deeper,when the color turns into deep blue or muddy, need to change polishing solution partly or completely.

Supplement Method: add sulfuric acid and QRD-CU100 polishing solution as proportion of 1:1. After polishing 100d ㎡ workpieces, need to add 3.5 mL/L sulfuric acid and 3.5 mL/L            QRD-CU100 polishing solution. If there is no brightness for more than one minutes polishing, then need to add 115 mL/L sulfuric acid and 115 mL/L QRD-CU100 polishing solution.