Stainless Steel Polishing Agent

Stainless Steel Polishing Agent
Product Details
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一. Advantages

Good polishing effect, good brightness of workpiece surface;

Convenient operation, low cost, strong stability;

Suitable for chemical polishing on stainless steel surface.

二. Bath composition and working conditions

Note: Polishing time can be extended if the workpiece is rough.

三. Plating solution preparation method

1. Clean the aqueduct thoroughly and put 2/3 water into it.

2. Add specific nitric acid slowly when stirring the solution and make it even.

3. Add specific QRD-SCP additive and mix it even.

4.Add water to the water level and stir it even.

四. The function of each composition and process condition

QRD-SCP additive: QRD-SCP is mainly used to strengthen the leveling action of the polishing solution.It can improve the brightness of the product and have corrosion inhibition on it, which can avoid corrosion under the condition of strong acid and high temperature.

Temperature: The polishing speed of the product will get faster when the temperature is going high, and when the temperature is too high, the solution will be too hot, which will produce gas strips during the product polishing process and influence the polishing quality. While the temperature is too low, the viscosity increased, declining the polishing action effect and brightness. 

Time: If the polishing time is too long, the production effect will be low and the consumption will be high.

While the time is too short, the workpiece can not get good brightness, so the best time is 2~10mins. Because the time and temperature have direct relation to the roughness on workpiece surface, it is better to control the range of each composition. 

五. Maintenance and supplement of the solution 

1. Remove the water on the workpiece surface before putting into the polishing aqueduct, because too much water will cause severe hard spots on the polishing surface.

2. During the chemical polishing process, the iron, nickel, chromium, etc., contained into the stainless steel workpiece keep dissolving into polishing solution. When the metal ions reach a certain quantity, these metal ions will continuously precipitate out from the polishing solution in the form of inorganic salt and sedimentation on the bottom of the aqueduct. Therefore, the polishing liquid filter must be regularly cleaned up to remove these deposits.

3. During the polishing aqueduct working process, the polishing solution liquid level will continuously decline because of the constant bringing out of the hanger and workpiece, so it must be replenished with fresh polishing solution and water frequently.

4. When the iron ion in the aqueduct solution reaches 6g/L or the trivalent chromic ion reaches 25 g/L, the polishing solution must be totally or partially replaced.