Steel Polishing Agent

Steel Polishing Agent
Product Details
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一. Advantages:

Good polishing effect and brightness

Easy to operate, low cost, strong stability

Suitable for chemical polishing of steel surface

二. Bath Composition and Working Conditions

Note: Need to extend the polish time accordingly if the workpiece is rough.

三.Operation Cautions

1 、The temperature will be rising in the polishing process, when the temperature is above 50℃, the polishing brightness turns dim abviously and the hydrogen peroxide volatilize too fast, cooling equipment is required for continuous work.(e.g., for polishing of high carbon steel or heat treating of workpiece, the temperature must be controlled between 40-55℃ and the time should be extend longer.

2、The surface of pure iron workpiece can be bright as mirror, but because of acidity and oxidant, sometimes after the workpiece out of the groove, the surface will rapidly oxidized and generate into yellow film. This film can be removed by dilute hydrochloric acid and does not affect white brightness.

3、When iron ions accumulate to a certain degree, it is hard to achieve brightness by supplement any item. At this time, it must partially or completely replace the polishing solution.