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Stannous Octoate

Cas NO.: 301-10-0                          


Other name: Tin  Octoate, Stannous Octanoate
GRADE: Industrial Grade

Molecular formulaC16H30O4Sn

PropertiesWaxy white or yellow, insoluble in water, but soluble in petroleum    ether, polyols, no corrosion,Toxic and has strong neurotoxicity.

Application:Used in organic synthesis.Used for polyurethane synthesis and the catalyst of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Is also used as a catalyst dosage form curing agent of epoxy resin,stannous caprylate during solidification
is larger than 2 tin lauric acid catalytic activity, if the two compound with use,its effect is better than used alone, consider the reaction rate and curing speed.The divalent tin compounds are easily oxygen and water vapor in the air oxidation and decomposition, so storage to be used for nitrogen protection, must be sealed and avoid excessive heat and humidity, in case the activity decline or failure.

Packing:25kg per bag

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